Realist Pharma is an immunotherapy company focused on bringing to market small molecule vaccines against cancer

TMGs were discovered decades ago and are validated targets for cancer therapy - however, there are only two approved anti-TMG products (which are monoclonal antibodies and hence passive immunotherapies).

Despite considerable effort by many researchers and companies, no active immune strategies (vaccines etc.) have been effective against these TMG targets.

There are a number of reasons for these failures, which Realist has been able to address.  Specifically, Realist discovered that the oligosaccharide moieties of TMGs have tertiary structures (which was not known) which it has been able to target these by small molecule TMG mimetics (glycomimetics).

This discovery has allowed the development of patent-protected New Chemical Entities (NCEs), each of which targets a specific TMG and which are efficacious without the need for adjuvants to boost their effectiveness.

Realist's NCEs elicit a strong cellular immune response by strongly activating the T cell arm of the immune system, in particular cytotoxic γδ T cells which then in turn activate CD8+ T cells.

While the initial focus is on GD2 and GD3, Realist's platform can be expanded to address up to 20 TMGs, and potentially Tumor Associated Carbohydrate Antigens (TACAs) more generally.

Realist is focused on bringing its products to market as therapeutics against existing cancers; it also though has substantial preclinical data demonstrating the high efficacy of its products when used in a prophylactic (or preventative) paradigm.