Realist’s ReVax program comprises New Chemical Entities which are vaccines that elicit a highly specific and effective immune response against these TMGs.

TMGs are clinically validated targets for both cancer diagnosis and for immunotherapy by passive administration of monoclonal antibodies; as regards such mAbs, there are two products (both against GD2) which, notwithstanding significant drawbacks, are nonetheless approved therapies

Historically, the development of vaccines against gangliosides has not been successful due to several challenges which include:

  • ·         Poor immunogenicity of the gangliosides
  • ·         Poor formulability (including poor solubility)
  • ·         Difficulty in obtaining well-characterized and homogeneous antigens
  • ·         Poor selectivity of immune response elicited, with risk of cross-reactivity to other gangliosides
  • ·         Effects, if any, being limited to humoral (antibody) response

Realist’s ReVax technology consists of patented glycomimetics which address the above issues.