Our goal is to translate key scientific insights relating to underlying oncogenic (i.e. cancer-causing) drivers into the development of potent and highly selective therapeutics. To execute our strategy, we intend to:

Advance our lead product candidate RVX-GD2 through clinical development.  RVX-GD2, which we believe is the only selective GD2 small molecule active immunotherapeutic currently in clinical development, is expected to be evaluated in a Phase 1/2 multi-center basket study in patients with GD2+ melanoma, ovarian cancer, soft tissue sarcoma and small cell lung cancer.

Develop a pipeline of potent and highly selective carbohydrate-based therapeutics.  Our insights into cancer biology and target identification, coupled with the chemistry expertise, have allowed us to develop a proprietary pipeline of potential carbohydrate-based and TMG-targeted preclinical product candidates.

Pursue FDA drug approval using tissue-agnostic (i.e. biomarker-driven) approach. Recently the FDA announced the agency’s intention to broaden the use of intermediate clinical endpoints to support accelerated approvals for cancer drugs, as well as a new pathway for qualifying biomarkers.

Conduct international clinical and regulatory programs to support our global approval and commercialization strategy.  We retain worldwide commercial rights to our product candidates. Cancer is a global disease and we are pursuing clinical and regulatory programs for approval in the United States and internationally. Our plan is to strategically evaluate commercial partnership opportunities in the United States and internationally.