Realist Pharma is a private immunotherapy company with facilities in Montreal and Toronto, which has developed a platform technology ("ReVax") to target multiple cancers through an active immune response. More specifically, Realist has developed novel, small molecule, carbohydrate-based therapeutics which generate efficacious anti-tumor cell-mediated immune responses.

Realist has obtained scientific results showing that γδ T cells can be activated to target a series of well-known tumor marker glycolipids ("TMGs") and that these activated γδ T cells then in turn also activate other components of cell-mediated immunity, particularly αβ T cells.  TMGs are documented to be highly overexpressed (up to millions of molecules per tumor cell) in a wide variety of cancers. For example, the TMG called GD2 is overexpressed in a significant percentage of neuroblastomas, melanomas, ovarian cancers, gliomas, small cell lung cancer, breast carcinomas and a number of other cancers. Studies in the scientific literature have shown that GD2 is not expressed at any appreciable levels on any normal cells except during embryogenesis.

Realist’s lead product is the small molecule RVX-GD2 which targets GD2, with a second product RVX-GD3 targeting GD3. GD2 and GD3 are members of a family of approximately 20 different TMGs which can be targeted. Realist's lead products have demonstrated efficacy against both metastases and tumors in four aggressive preclinical models. Lead indications for its GD2 product are currently GD2-positive (GD2+) melanoma, ovarian cancer, soft tissue sarcoma and small cell lung cancer. No safety or toxicity issues have been encountered in preclinical work completed to date. Realist has filed for broad patent protection comprising both composition of matter and methods of treatment claims.